Comix Events

Upcoming Appearance at SPACE convention!

Coming up next weekend, 4/27-28, is the Small Press and Alternative Comix Expo at the Northland Performing Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio, and I will be there with my paintings, comix, and publications!  For more info, go to

For the show, Bruce Chrislip and I will hold a panel at 3 PM to discuss various historical Ohio comix phenomena, including the first comix convention (Ohiocon in Youngstown) and my experiences working for Harvey Pekar.

Speaking of Harvey, I created a one-page comic dramatizing the first time I met the man. This is my first b&w comix in quite some time, but more are soon to come, so stay tuned. I will be handing it out free at the show, so come and get it!



New Painting– The Chess Match

Just completed a new comix-related painting, “The Chess Match.”

This is one of a series of paintings, which started with “The Look”, in which I’m attempting to use the comix medium to capture a brief moment in time. Actually, I’m deviating from my vision of series, which is intended to embody a sense of randomness and immediacy; for some reason, in the dead of winter in February, my mind refused to think that way. Instead, for this composition, I developed a symmetrical and orderly layout with an identifiable theme, the struggle of a mature mind contrasted with the precociousness of youth.

Acrylic on canvas April 2019 NFS

The Return of Known Associates Press!

My old comix label Known Associates Press has become active again with my first self-publication in over a decade.


“The Secret and Other Stories” is an anthology of my flash fiction originally on the web at the Every Day Fiction website and on Reddit. The stories are “The Secret”, “Bed of Glass”, and “The Kids”.

The cover is an unrelated recent painting, “The Red Wall”. Originally this subject was going to be a three-panel comix painting, but I decided that the first panel held up on its own and didn’t need any further elaboration.

I printed the book on a pair of inexpensive laser and inkjet printers at home. My approach is to print five books at a time and assemble them; this makes it easier to monitor the quality, and it’s a relaxing daily past-time with a lot of TLC for each book.

The book will premiere at the SPACE show in Columbus on April 27-28, 2019.


Believeland completed!

I’ve been too busy lately to keep up with my blog entries, so please pretend that this one was entered in January 2019–

Just completed “Believeland”, a 40X40″ depiction of the Cleveland skyline with one of the eight “Guardians of Traffic” statues from the Hope Memorial Bridge in the foreground.

I created this one for friends of ours who have a large wall and a high ceiling in their living room and needed something to fill it. I love doing large paintings, but this size is a little impractical for our house; in fact, it is so large we can’t load it into the car for taking to shows.

The subject matter was their choice. I’ve actually painted a lot of statues in my career, but I wouldn’t have picked the Guardians of Traffic because there are depictions of them everywhere in Cleveland; it’s our most popular landmark. But I definitely got sucked in on this one, especially after we went out one blustery but sunny day in November to do a photo shoot from the bridge. With the skyline in the background, I really felt like I was painting an embodiment of Cleveland itself.


Unintentionally, the face on the statue resembles another Cleveland icon, Harvey Pekar, who I have depicted hundreds of times in comix illustrations. I’d like to think that “Believeland” would have made a suitable cover for an issue of American Splendor.