Believeland completed!

I’ve been too busy lately to keep up with my blog entries, so please pretend that this one was entered in January 2019–

Just completed “Believeland”, a 40X40″ depiction of the Cleveland skyline with one of the eight “Guardians of Traffic” statues from the Hope Memorial Bridge in the foreground.

I created this one for friends of ours who have a large wall and a high ceiling in their living room and¬†needed something to fill it. I love doing large paintings, but this size is a little impractical for our house; in fact, it is so large we can’t load it into the car for taking to shows.

The subject matter was their choice. I’ve actually painted a lot of statues in my career, but I wouldn’t have picked the Guardians of Traffic because there are depictions of them everywhere in Cleveland; it’s our most popular landmark. But I definitely got sucked in on this one, especially after we went out one blustery but sunny day in November to do a photo shoot from the bridge. With the skyline in the background, I really felt like I was painting an embodiment of Cleveland itself.


Unintentionally, the face on the statue resembles another Cleveland icon, Harvey Pekar, who I have depicted hundreds of times in comix illustrations. I’d like to think that “Believeland” would have made a suitable cover for an issue of American Splendor.

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