Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo!!!

I may be one of the last ones to memorialize the 20th annual Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) that took place in Columbus last weekend. I returned with a bad case of “convention throat”, and have been flat on my back for the better part of the week!

But what a fantastic event! I was at the first SPACE about 20 years ago, and this year the event is so much larger and with a fantastic amount of energy. It was really great to catch up with old friends Bruce Chrislip, Mike Neno, Max Ink and Matt Feazell (all of whom were at the first SPACE). It was also cool to catch up with many new creators, such as Flor De Canela, Brian Canini, Terence Hanley, Tim Fuller, Ian Shires, Daniel Miles, Caleb Thusat, Allison Richmond-Leeth, Jess Ann Artz and Craig Lindsley.

The biggest thrill of the show was a panel I took part in with Bruce. Part one of the panel was about the comix scene back in old Youngstown, and part two was about American Splendor and Harvey Pekar. I really enjoyed talking about American Splendor in the panel and for the rest of the show; the interest in Havey’s work is greater than ever, it seems.

Big thanks to Bob Corby for his great dedication in putting on this wonderful show!

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